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Monday 15 January 2018

Science Lesson No. 5 Introduction to Networking

Science Section

Lesson No. 5 Introduction to Networking

Part 1 - Network

Part 2 - Transmission Media

Part 3 - Topology

Short Question Answers

  1. What are the types of network? Explain why satellite communication is used in WAN?
  2. Write down differences between LAN, MAN, WAN.
  3. Write a note on Star topology.
  4. In Ring topology, failure of one connection damages the whole network. Explain.
  5. Explain transmission media-twisted pair cable.
  6. Explain the types of twisted pair cables
  7. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of UTP and STP cable.
  8. Explain Fiber Optic cable with advantages and disadvantages.
  9. How data is transmitted through microwave? Write down advantages & disadvantages.
  10. What is topology? What are the different types of topology? Or Explain Network topology.

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