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Monday 28 August 2017

Lesson No. 1 Introduction to IT Exercises

Lesson No. 1 Introduction to Information Technology
Fill ups/MCQ
1.      Information Technology refers to creation, gathering, processing, storage and delivery of information.
2.     System is a group of interdependent items that interact regularly.
3.     Data is any facts, numbers or text.
4.       A group of 4 bits is called nibble
5.      A group of more than 8 bits is known as a word
6.       1  GB  =   ____________    KB
7.       1 TB   =   ____________   GB
8.       1 Byte  =  __________   bits
9.      Software is a collection of computer programs.
10.      Two types of Software   à System Software & Application Software.
11.      System Software has direct control to computer hardware.
12.      Examples of Operating System à Windows, Linux, Unix, OS/2, Android, iOS, etc.
13.      Types of Application Software à Wordprocessors, Spreadsheets, DBMS, Presentation software, Multimedia Software, Designing, Games,  etc..
14.       Examples of DBMS à MS Access, MYSQL, Oracle, Sybase
15.       Units of CPU à ALU and Control Unit
16.       Types of Memory  à Primary Memory and Secondary memory
17.       Types of Primary Memory à RAM and ROM

Textbook  Exercises
      1.      CAM              2.  IT   3.  Data                     4. Information     
      5.   System on Chip       6. System Software           7. Nibble

    MCQ (Select two answers)        1.  CAD  and CAM

True or False:    1.  True     2.  True

Short Answers/Long Answers Question Bank.
1.      Explain Information Technology.                      Page No. 1
2.      Explain the terms Data and Information.        Page No. 2
3.      What is Information System.                             Page No.  1
4.      List the data types of common programming languages               Page No. 2
5.      Give the difference between Data and Information                        Page No. 2
6.       Write a note on System Software and Application Software.     Page No.  3
7.       Explain the term   Hardware and Software.                         Page No. 3-4
8.      Draw the block diagram of Computer.                                   Page No.4
9.      Explain the functions of Input Unit, Output Unit, ALU, Control Unit.  Page No.  5
10.    Write Applications of IT.                                     Page No.  5-6
11.    Explain Large Computers, Small Computers and Embedded Systems.    Page No.   7

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